Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life Goes On

Hey, daddy, I miss you so - you've been called by the God,
And we won´t see you anymore - it must be crazy what we´re hoping for.
´Cause one day for sure
God´s stopped keeping everybody on the ladder of our life,
Same goes to you and me

When I see you lying there
I call your name with tears in my eyes.
Things won't change
We need to accept that

I don´t wanna cry no more -past gave me happiness and gain
Life is fleeting like a flower from a distance,
After sorrow I pray the God to bless your soul.
I don´t wanna cry no more - we´re still missing you.

Life´s like a walking on a high wire,
You slipped away, I´ve seen you dying in vein.
High as mountains seem all the problems that I have,
But when I hear your voice far away out of the dark -
You just go on and on in the back of my mind.

Skin and bone won´t touch the sky,
I hope you´ll find passage out of the dark.
To the otherside of the sea and I know that I´ll see you again.

Adapted from "I Don't Wanna Cry No More" - Chameleon 1993

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