Friday, May 08, 2009

Blogspot Update Method

Several Ways to Update Blog Nowadays:

1. Web based. Direct. Straightforward. No need to explain. The only posting method that has the ability to change the posting date.

2. Email gateway. The email address is you can send from your desktop or from your mobile phone (provided that it has email protocol/application). Exeperiment needed: will take the email title as the posting title and the content (with images) as content. Suppose I'm not sepuluhsen owner. If I know the email address, can I automatically post to

Updated on 8 Jun 2009: Yes it can be done
Cons: Hard to include image properly in email content. As attachment yes, as content it will become rather clumsy.

3. Proprietary Sony Ericsson K850i (or other supported models) blog application. It is like a MMS. Select any picture you like, under option, select Send, select 'as blog' and write the title and content. Of course on first attempt, we will receive SMS from Blogger which state the password (as token) and your auto-generated blog. We have to claim the token at and decide to choose the new auto created blog or stick to our old blogger account. Cons: have to include image.

Of course transmission rates apply. So make sure you have Celcom Broadband package or something like that, otherwise it will be painful for your pocket.

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