Monday, October 04, 2010

Picasa 3 Rocks!

Buzzing around photo management software. While attracted to Adobe Lightroom complexity and try to mix with Irfanview simplicity, I came acroos Picasa 3. Simple, neat and quick assembling your photo no matter how sluggish your photo housekeeping are!


One splendid feature in 3.8 was face detection. While sometimes it give funny output (in this case Picasa identify Kha's aunty as her face, probably because of the resemblence), it still rocks. Once I tag my son, Picasa will suggest a ton of his pictures as him. All you have to do is click yes.

However there are some awareness that should be took into account. They encourage us to do face detection in Picasa Web Album, which me myself reluctant to do because of my fight against anti-privacy. Find it hard but actually they allow the feature offline. One more thing, they can connect directly to your blog if you want to blog certain photo. Interesting but quite dangerous for somebody like me, who prefer to stay anonymous in the net. Use it carefully. Use Yahoo!'s flickr photo uploader and jumble up everything to confuse the 'monster'. Peace of mind.

Other standard feature includes resize, create album without mess with the original physical images location and cool image effect. Give it a try man!
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