Tuesday, August 08, 2006


TERKINI!!!Umat Islam seluruh dunia diminta membaca surah AL-FATH ayat 26 (tgk maksud) kerana sejumlah 10000 tentera yahudi sedang memasuki Lebanon...

48.26 While those who disbelieved were enraged, and their hearts were filled with the pride of the days of ignorance, GOD blessed His messenger and the believers with peaceful contentment, and directed them to uphold the word of righteousness. This is what they well deserved. GOD is fully aware of all things.


Amar Razali said...

Bak kata George Galloway ketika ditemu ramah oleh Sky News;

"You know what are their names, where they come from, even you broadcast their biodata on TV of all Israel civilians, all Israel arm forces who have been killed.

But do you know what are the names of Lebanease and Palestinian who have been killed since 20-30 years ago?

You think the blood of Israel civilians and Israeli arm forces have more values than the blood of Lebanease and Palestinian?"

Blood also have different values?

How about life?

your said...

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your said...

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