Monday, November 28, 2005

Nude in Custody: A Different Perspective

So we are shocked by the video clip of the ear-squating nude woman captured in police custody. It is a shame story to all Malaysian citizen. Again the Police credibility is tested. While the tortured university student case early Ramadhan still not settled, they have to confront another episode of humiliating event.

As usual, a lot people have to say a lot of thing. I'm not defending the Police, I have no benefit of defending them. Just to view it in different angle. Again, as usual, in Malaysia, be it Police, citizen or politician. You are guilty before they prove it.


1. Is anybody ever mentioning about image sabotage?
2. Is the photo or video clip is genuine?
3. Why, at the first place, the policewoman, didn't notice that somebody is taking her pictures or capture a clip of her?

A lot of question to suggest that the event is really happen, and also to suggest that it is just a technology of image manipulation or to suggest that the footage is real, but not the 'actresess'?

Although I feel sympathy to the nude woman and her family, I do hope she can emerge because there are strong backing from the top minister and more importantly, Malaysian concern citizen.

Jeffooi:I am truly disappointed that Screenshots readers fail to see the obvious, that technology can be an effective enabler to forge transparency in public governance.

Yes, correct, but it also can be an effective enabler to damage Malaysian image and Police repution (is there any reputation?). Seeing is no longer believing.

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