Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Overcome hiccup

I always have this silly hiccup problem. Don't know why... Probably my throat is not functioning as normal anymore. Here is several how to that I experienced and practised.
1. Drink a lot of water. Drink in relatively large amount and do it continously. Percentage of this solution works: 20%. For normal case it is 99%
2. Vomiting. It is hard and make you head feel the pain. Its like headache. But the percentage of this solution to succeed is 90%.
3. Hold breath. Sometimes it works too. Just pull your breath deep. Hold for one minute or more. Don't release the air until you really certain the hiccup is over. 30%

My friend told me this but it is either didn't work for me or I never test it:
4. Jump high until your knees can touch your chest.
5. Put some water in a handkerchief and put at your forehead (dahi?)

Anything else?
Check this some fact from this briilliant website:

The really working hiccup cure using water. I know now why it never work with me.

Nothing special in this page. But it teach me that you can play physological approach as well.

If you wanna be like pro and talk about hiccup like a MD, try this

This dude is really a kind of me

Maybe this will explain wht, at the first place, you get hiccup:
Air is sucked in, then the windpipe abruptly closes (Hic!). Hiccups have no beneficial purpose, though they do argue for taking smaller bites and chewing your food slowly.


This is only temporary cures. Normally it took about 2-3 days before my hiccup really really gone. I wonder why. Probably the nikmat is taken away for a while, so that I will repent to some nasty thing that I've done. I'm not that decent, of course.

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