Monday, May 16, 2005

Tribute to Teachers and Sifoos

My motivation to write this is because encikicap has wrote something about Hari Guru. So here is my still-remember-list:

Cikgu Azizah -(cannot remember her in detail)
Cikgu Puteh Zahrani (my favourite teacher - happen to be my bau-bau bachang then)
Cikgu Shahrin (cool and fierce, met him recently, still recognized me, well to get straight No. 1 for both semester is really something teacher hardly forget, you know :D)
Cikgu Azizah - (cannot remember her)Again??
Cikgu Johari (fierce, formidable and make-me-trembling teacher). A good motivator and just like my father.
Ustazah Majinah - An old lady with a large network of knowledge. From tilawah to khat, from imlak to sirah. Mother sytle of caring.
Ustazah Khamsiah - Live nearby my parent house. This young and beautiful chinese-look mom teach me about fiqh. I will always remember her because she lead us to performed nasyid in intifal day. That is among the last scene I met Aruah Lan, my best friend. He died in bus accident.
Mr. Ang - Last minute do-or-die ultimatum did a boom momentum for me to change from no hopers to score 5As in UPSR.

Pn. Hamidah - Scolder but sweet Chinese Muslim teacher. Tudung labuh. I guess from her I love to see women in long hijab.
Ustaz Nik - We think that the bell ring has always spolit our class. Love this ustaz and his experiences.

Another Pn. Hamidah? You are totally mess-up my friend.
OK OK I think her name is Pn. Hamidah. But for sure, she teach me history. A very unique approach, she allow us to explore every possibility of learning process. She ask us to take the school trip to several exhibition and make free format reporting. She ask us to do some acting on ancient historical event. She really know history and love creativity. Feels like a student university. All in history class? Got to be kiddin'!
Mr. Lee - My math teacher. This old timer is so different. He love student to correct him. In his class, all classmates done their work quitely and see him personally if they have problem. So peaceful.
Pn. Adliyah - My class teacher. Nothing special, but also wearing tudung labuh. Good motherly approach for wild and nasty boys.
Cik Azizah - Kedah-origin teacher so critic about Selangor. I learn that we have to accept other people opinion.
Pn. Rosdila - Hot and pupil's favourite. She has transformed Geography from boring to a really interesting subject.

Pn. Sarimah - Actress face and personality in teacher care and wisdom. Pretty and smart, that make her to head the School Chess Club. My motivation to be win School Chess Contest, defeating Upper Six student and upsetting school players. I love Kemahiran Hidup!

Ustazah Misnah - I learn a lot about this deen. Thank you. Her concern is not only on solat, hafazan and tilawah, but also the meaning of life and better attitude.

Pn. Halijah - My honeymoon year is ended by her though approach. Very straight forward and love to personally advise young and lost man like me. The only teacher that guide me for double victories? (I mean both Form 4 and Form 5).

Mrs. Jacob - I may forget many things but this Add Math teacher was really though that I can remember until now the "Practise Make Perfect" phrase.

Mrs Koh - Chemistry teacher teaching in Chinese-packed class. What can you expect? She will definately bias. But hell no. In one heart-to-heart preaching and scolding session, she disclose about how she personally groom a student from never-pass-chemistry to A2 in previous SPM. And that student is a Malay.

Mrs. Sukeshini - Non-Malay speakers. She really make me slightly better than average in English. You know about what old said about "Every dog has it own day"? Well I got that when she ask the other word of "dreaming" and nobody can answer better than my "fancy" answer.

Last but not least - My beloved Cik Azizah, a going-to-be-bride BM teacher with a soft-spoken voice. Many didn't expect her to be well at gangster-packed boy school initially, she is not that pretty, not that garang and not popular. But she did it her own way. Everybody love her charming approach, when she teach everybody listen, when she at her desk, people are crowding like hell. Al-Fathihah to her, who passed away after we got our SPM result and before she get married. God bless you, and all teacher that teach me at least something about life. Those long preaching and murmuring is painful, but its worth.

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