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Attacks on Islam in Europe

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Attacks on Islam in Europe

I received the petition below from France that shows how viciously Islam is now attacked in Europe. It is reminiscent of the Nazi era, with pages borrowed from Sturmer and other offensive literature to create an atmosphere of hatred against the Muslim community. Since I don't know French, I asked my French-educated younger brother Shameem and scholar on Ashkenazim affairs - Br. Joachim Martillo of Boston to translate the contents in the website below. Shameem's rough summary is:

"At the top of the page there is an English flag. Clicking on it is supposed to translate the page into English. I tried but it takes forever, so I gave up. Here is a rough translation of the text. Basically the website on 16th October 2005 published a report saying that thousands protested against the publication of caricatures of prophet (pbuh) by a Danish weekly. There were 3,500 protestors according to the police, manifesting on Friday afternoon in Copenhagen against the Danish weekly which published 12 caricatures of "prophet." They protested against these drawings as "provocative and arrogant" in which they saw "an insult to Islam and its Prophet and to hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world." They uttered Allahu Akbar (translated war cry by the French reporter) in their denunciation of the "Islamophobic" media. 16 Islamic groups made the appeal for this protest and demanded the retraction of the caricatures published in the Danish journal Jylland-Poston under the title "the faces of Mohammed."

Claus Seidel, one of the cartoonists who committed the "offense of blasphemy" insisted that "the photographers, cartoonists and journalists have the right of expressing themselves and to formulate themselves as long as they live within the bounds of the law." The weekly, and also the cartoonists have been flooded with calls and letters going to the extent of death threats which calls to mind the affairs concerning Théo Van Gogh et Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In spite of these dignified methods of the darkest hours of our history, Jylland-Posten refused all dhimmitude. Its chief editor affirmed "we live inside a democracy where the satire and the carricature are generally accepted, and the religion should not fix the limits of that." There are 180,000 Muslims presumed to live in Denmark - about 3% of the population."

You can view the website to find out what is going on in Europe vis-a-vis our people: how in the name of freedom of expression, a Nazi-type propaganda barrage is launched against our folks there.

BTW: You can still post your comments to stopping bigotry in those links.

Habib Siddiqui

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