Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Jesus Book Found?

On New Straits Times, Life & Times Friday May 13 2005, compiled by Malina Shamsudin, which start a bunch of interesting news with this "A newly-found manuscript, believed to date back to the 17th centery, will likely flutter the hearts of The Da Vinci Code enthusiasts. Currently being analysed by experts at London auction house Christie's, the 594-page document appears to contain the complete genealogy of Jesus Christ, reports the BBC.

Well seem like the missionaries are doing whatever you cannot imagine, to convince people that Bible is the words of God. Not enough with Matthews and friends narration, they come with another book. What is the idea? To reconstruct the story so that the mistally fact and 'bloopers' history made by Mark and his friend dissapear? (Please read Ahmad Deedat book) What is the status of the newly found manuscipt? Could be higher than Bible I guess, since it contain the complete genealogy of Jesus. Poor people. Unlike Bible, Quran is the absolute and primary reference. It has a very clear history, how it was documented and how the wahyu is separated from hadith to avoid future confusion. Go around the world and you will find the content is similar. Not the one in Iran of course, it is another topic to be discussed. The contents is preserved so that what rasulullah heard from Allah (wahyu) can be reached and learned by generations. It can be translated by any other language, but the way it was and will be read is always in Arab. You can understand Quran by translation, but you can understand better if you learn Arab and explore more than just Quran itself. That is the beauty of Quran.

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