Friday, June 17, 2005

Tribute to Smicer

He is not that superb, not that popular. His 6 years spell at Anfield can be considered as disasterous. A lot and some long injuries limit his appearances. But after 10 years from now, many people will forget about it. But they will never forget two main occasion where this tiny and sleek midfielder play major roles. 2001 where we won UEFA Cup and 2005 where we won European Champion League. In 2001 campaign Gerard Houllier always use him as sub and when he on the field, somebody will get yellow card. Penalty will be given. A dribble (or gentel) type of football that any defender least like to face. And who will forget when brought in by Rafael Benitez, he score that second goal during 2005 CL final, when people thought that Liverpool first goal from Gerard is just a retaliate goal, no harm to even get equal (to 3-3) score. From that moment, Liverpool went crazy and AC Milan just like a schoolboy team, know nothing about what actually hitting them. His penalty shoot-out is simple but enough to secure the lead thanks to the Brazillian (who) and that Pirlo (i suppose) blunders. Well dude, I'm not your die hard fan, but even you are not here anymore, we salute you for your contribution to the club.

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