Monday, August 01, 2005

Ayah Pin & Keluarga

Entah siapa yang tinggalkan image ini di dalam desktop. Kureng betul....terkena sekali.


Jumalisa said...


Banyaknye...isteri ayah pin..

Dulu ana sokong poligami..
tapi sekarang dah byk membaca cket..

banyak an-nisa' yg kecewa..

abu_t semoga jd papa yg baik2 n soleh
boleh jd contoh kt anak222

La Bona said...

In the name of justice, I am obliged to help to disseminate story of a religious persecution ... My apologies for irrelevance.

Breaking News!
Barbaric persecution of an apostate …

The Malaysian authorities are persecuting an ex-Muslim fondly known as
Ayah Pin and
flattened his religious commune
dubbed as Sky Kingdom, which is a quasi-religious commune located in north east Malaysian.

Once Muslim, Forever Slave!
Ayah Pin has publicly renounced his Islamic faith in 1998 but was REJECTED
by the state (NB: Apostasy is a capital crime is Malaysia punishable by DEATH!)

The Persecution
In 2001, the Malaysian authorities jailed Ayah Pin for 11 months for attempting to renounce Islam. He is viewed as a security threat and they continue to harass him with all sorts of uncivilized threats befitting the low-life including smashing up the lovely giant teapot and flattening the commune, which
they just did yesterday!

Prior to the destruction yesterday, the authorities raided the commune in July,
2005 and detained 45 faithful including a Kiwi, senior citizens and among others, 3 children of Ayah Pin and his 3 wives. I read somewhere; there are kids left behind unattended in commune and while some faithful have to pawn all they have to bail themselves out, the rest are still in custody.

Their crime: Being unIslamic!

As if the arrest was not good enough, mobs made up of some 35 unidentified assailants armed with Molotov cocktails attacked the commune and set the place ablaze …. Assailants attack Ayah Pin's commune with Molotov cocktails! ... I supposed mobs and Molotov cocktails are Islamic.

If you have a comment, please do not hesitate to
me at Alternately, you are welcome to do so at the
( /2005/07/islam-persecution-i.html)

Abouti said...

First of all, thank you for your long comment, I hardly receive a comment on anything that I write, because I don't think anybody will take my word seriously. A tukang karut type of blogger.

About the religious persecution, I'm sorry, but it is totally IRRELEVANCE my friend. To me it is like barking at the wrong tree. As I have nothing against Ayah Pin, I don't think I would support or against the ruler action, considering that they act according to what is stated in the law, so please, try to think in a various perspective about this issue.

I have no statement in any part of this blog, that touch or mention about Ayah Pin, excluding this homour image (because of the word 'pin'). To me, it is not about justice or not. It is about how you see in Muslim and Muslim ruler perspective. For example, what is your definition of justice itself? I can assure you that it is somehow different from my Islamic view of justice. If you are thinking prejudicely, then you are not going anywhere. There is no point arguing about this, though.

However, yes, in the name of your justice, I'm willing to discuss further about this with Ayah Pin Sympathier like you. But it is all depend of your willingness to know more about the truth of Islam. As simple as that. Kecil tapak tangan, nyiru saya tadahkan.

Abouti said...

alaikum salam jumalisa...
saya dah ziarah your blog. not bad. keep up the good work!