Monday, July 11, 2005

Neo Office on Mac

If you do think OpenOffice is the free and performed alternative to Microsoft Office in Windows environment, maybe you will appreciate this. It is quite hard for Open Office beginner to use it as they use Microsoft before. But one thing about OO in Win is that it is not so pretty if you didn't have the Java environment. However the Open Office is brilliantly efficient and pretty (and I must say, smooth) in Unix based system. I've seen it on both Linux based Red Hat and Fedora. However, when using my Mac Mini, I found it wierd (or should I say reluctant) to use AppleWorks. Therefore I turn to word processor and worksheet program in Mac. First I found Microsoft Office (as usual) Trial for 30 days. And guess what, I found Neo Office, the Open Office version for Mac! It is (in my opinion) brighter and prettier than OO in Linux. Look at the picture.

The biggest icon is the Neo Office icon. To Mac users, try it. Recommended.

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