Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Create Shout Box and Put Pictures At Profile

For bloggers, we tend to put something extra or we can call it as accessories. In Linux we call this as Feels and Look.

Dear Mr. Lionate from (Iklan Percuma). Here how to do those things:

Put Pictures

If you are using blogspot, go to your main administrator page (where you can create new posting), select template. If you use blogdrive or others, you are on your own. Kiddin', just go to the main index and edit there. Find something like (opentag)!-- Begin #profile-container --(closetag)(use find in Firefox or IE). Put your pictures there

(opentag)img src="" (closetag)

before you see this tag
(opentag)!-- End #profile --(closetag)

Shout Box

Much simpler. Just go to ShoutMix. Register there and html tags will be provided to you using Cut N Paste method. Copy the tags and put it after the
(opentag)!-- End #profile --(closetag)

Please let me know if you cannot do it.
Happing Shouting!

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