Friday, October 14, 2005

Masalah Penghadaman

Lately I have problem with my digestion. It is not so serious or pain, but sometimes it keep on buzzing me over a long period. If you blogger have the same problem with me, probably this following is useful to you.

What is Digestion System in general? This website give a lot of info. They even have the Flash Presentation on Digestion System. Cool

Symptom of Digestion Problem:
Most people have a problem with their digestion at some time in their lives. Heartburn (a burning feeling moving up from the stomach to the throat), stomach pain, and bloating (feeling full of gas and needing to belch or pass wind) are all very common. They may be worse after a meal or at night.

Rule number one, make sure you take smaller bite of your meal. Eat slowly and only swallow when the food is break into small pieces.

Then eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and fibre based food.,1525,10051,00.html

Some website propose to take medicine to stimulate the enzyme.

This website, is telling more than what we should know about its relation with diabetes.

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